Digital creators

Sparkling Zoo is a digital agency that offers creative strategies and production to help connect our clients with the millions of users who are downloading applications and surfing the web right now.


We developed a complete service for printing your mobile images. Starting from creating the actual apps to connecting the apps with a printing lab, via payment. This app is available in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

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MCDONALDS Rekord-omräknaren

This app recalculates the world records of 6 different Olympic sports for kids according to their height, age and shoe size. Impressive experience with advanced animations and details on a high level.

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Reminder Apps

We have created several reminder apps for MSD. All of these app apps have been launched on the European market

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Get rid of your Mammamage

An exercise app for mothers who would like to get back in shape after giving birth. The creator behind the app is one of the more well known personal trainers, Katarina Woxnerud. The app has been very successful on the markets where it is available.

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Trygg hansa GravidGuiden

Want to know what's going on during your pregnancy? Gravidguiden helps you to know what's going on each week of your pregnancy. Responsive design that enhances the experience regardless of using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop browser.

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